Hot Lunch Order – error

Please note when ordering hot lunches for your child/children that October 1st is a School Goals Day and there will not be classes. When the program was set up, it was a mistake to have milk available for that day. Once the schedule comes to me on Monday, September 24th after 8 am when everyone has ordered I will go in and delete that day and anyone who has ordered milk on that day will have it credited on their account.

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Hot Lunch Menu for 2018-19 Yr.

Now that the Hot Lunch Program is live, thought I would give you the menus which will be available throughout the year and prices.  Remember that Monday, September 24th it all starts and the deadline to order is 8 am. Broadway 45 will offer subs (Ham & Cheese option or Cold Cuts option) for $3.00 on Tuesdays; O’Shea’s will offer either Soup with crackers one week, Hamburger with ketchup another week and another week offer 2 chicken fingers with sweet and sour sauce – all options are $4.00 and will be on Thursdays and Fridays, Greco will offer pizza and or garlic fingers for $2.00/slice

If you hit the Hot Lunch Link on the home page, you will see the directions and passwords to sign up.

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Home and School Meeting

Mark your calendars – There will be a Home and School Meeting on Wednesday, October 17th at 6:30 pm.  All guardians/parents are welcome to attend.

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Sports Update:

Boys Soccer: 

Unfortunately we did not have enough bodies to field a team this year, however with the majority of interested players being in grades 6 & 7, I have high hopes for the school to be able to field a team next year!

Girls Soccer:

Congratulations to Kate Bell in grade 7 for making the Girls Soccer team at KISH! Good luck this season Kate, make Somerset PROUD!

Cross Country:

Cross Country practices have begun! We practice every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 12:00 until 12:20.  Please make sure if your child is practicing that they have proper running shoes and a water bottle, as well as appropriate clothing for running.

Our Zones meet is on October 9th at Cabot Park, and we will travel by bus to get there.  All participants that make provincials (Top 20 in each category), are EXPECTED to represent our school at provincials on October 20th.  If you know that you can not attend provincials on October 20th if you make it, we ask that you do not go to the Zones meet either.  Transportation to Provincials is provided by the parents of the student.  Any questions, please speak to Mrs. Walsh.

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Upcoming Dates

Below are some upcoming dates for you to mark your calendars if you wish.
Sept. 14th – Students (Gr. 6, 7,8) arriving back from Tim Horton’s Camp and will get on their regular bus to go home after the school dismissal bell.
Sept. 19 – Parent Information evening @ 6 pm
Sept. 24 – First day for Canteen, Toast Program and Hot Lunch Program
Sept. 28th Terry Fox Run @ 1:15 pm
Oct. 1 – School Goals Day – No classes
Oct. 8 – Thanksgiving – No classes
Oct. 15 – Lifetouch Photos
Oct. 19 – Provincial Learning Day – No classes

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Fall Sports are Underway!


The next Girls Soccer Tryout is Friday September 14th at 6pm at Queen Elizabeth Elementary School! Good luck to the 3 Somerset students trying out for this team! Parents- Please make sure you sign the high risk form being sent home today and return it to the school by Monday Sept. 17th!


The first tryout for Boys Soccer will be held at Somerset school on Friday September 14th at 3:00-4:15pm. Soccer gear can be left at the school tomorrow when the students head to Tim’s Camp if it is easier.


The first Cross Country tryouts will be held on Tuesday (11th) and Thursday (13th) at 12:00-12:20 on the Soccer Field. Meet Mrs. Walsh there with outdoor SNEAKERS and a water bottle! Anyone in grade 3-8 is welcome to tryout for the Cross Country team. The zones meet will be held on October 9th at Cabot Park.

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Students Gr. 6, 7 & 8 going to Tim Horton’s Camp

When packing for the Tim Horton Camp, remember to leave the following at home:

 Bed linens – including sleeping bag, pillow, blankets etc. (all bedding will be provided)

 Money, jewelry and other valuables

 Candy, gum, food, snacks (all food will be provided)

 Electronics – including tablets, phones, music playing devices, valuables, digital cameras

Also note that campers may want to bring a refillable water bottle.

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Tim Horton’s Camp for Grade 6, 7 & 8 Students – September 11-14th

Back to school has some added excitement this year as our grade 6, 7 and 8 students will be heading off to the Tim Horton Community Leaders Program in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, from September 11 – 14. A big thank you to all the families who completed the camp forms back in that last busy week of June. Unfortunately, we have to do that part all over again! The camp has notified us this week that the forms they provided us with in June were newly drafted forms that they expected to be using this fall; however, since they haven’t been officially approved yet, the camp cannot officially use them.

On the first day of school, Thursday, September 6, all students in grades 6, 7, and 8 will be given all the required documents that need to be completed and returned to the school the next day. Please note that information regarding dietary requirements and allergies has been sent to the camp so that the kitchen can begin planning for our visit; however, the new forms will still need to be completed, and any new information we receive regarding special dietary needs will be forwarded along asap.


Use this list as a suggested guide for a late fall/winter/early spring packing list for your Community Leaders Program experience. Before your trip, be sure to check the forecast and pack for the weather. It is best to label each item of clothing with the participant’s name.

 3-4 short sleeved t-shirts

 1-2 long sleeved shirts

 1-2 warm sweaters or sweatshirts

 2-3 pairs of long pants

 4 pairs of underwear

 3-5 pairs of socks

 1 pair of pajamas

 1 pair of indoor shoes or slippers

 1 pair of boots (warm and waterproof are best!)

 2 towels

 1 facecloth

 1 shampoo and soap

 1 toothbrush and toothpaste

 1 deodorant

 1 hairbrush/comb

 1 warm jacket

 1 pair of snow pants

 1 winter hat/toque

 1 pair of warm mitts/gloves


 Rubber boots

 Rain coat


 Bed linens – including sleeping bag, pillow, blankets etc. (all bedding will be provided)

 Money, jewelry and other valuables

 Candy, gum, food, snacks (all food will be provided)

 Electronics – including tablets, phones, music playing devices, valuables, digital cameras

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Summer Break – Hope everyone has a safe and fun summer break. Classes resume September 6th. Enjoy the summer with family and friends and see you in September.

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Water Test

The recent water test at Somerset has come back with the recommendation to not drink our water so we are getting water coolers and bottled water until further notice.  Washing the hands with the tap water is fine.

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