Public Health Head Lice Brochure

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January OT Tip

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Home and School Meeting Minutes – November 25, 2020

We would like to welcome and thank the Hon. Jamie Fox, Minister of Fisheries and Communities and the MLA for Borden-Kinkora for attending our Home and School meeting this evening. Anita Conohan updated Home and School on what is currently happening at Somerset Consolidated.

  • Both students and teachers continue to work well within their cohorts
  • The breakfast program is set for the year because of the positive response from the community who received our donation letter in October. All donations were greatly appreciated. Students are loving the breakfast options.
  • As for The Hot Lunch Program, some days are more popular than others. A lot of food gets thrown out so it is important that parents discuss food options with their child before placing their orders.
  • A Christmas Concert is planned and students are working on their performances. The concert will be virtual and prerecorded.
  • Leadership students are setting up school activities for Christmas. Information will be shared through our FB page and weekly update.
  • Kinkora students will be making fruit kabobs for Somerset students before Christmas. – December 11th – Students will deliver at 8:15
  • Dec 18 – Pyjama Day and Pancake Breakfast and Free Milk

Christmas Bazaar – Jennifer McGuire

  • The Christmas Bizarre will take place December 11. The storm date is December 14.
  • Students will attend in cohorts, following CPHO Guidelines (hand sanitizing, masks worn, visitors must wear masks and sign Covid form)
  • Set up for the bazaar will take place the evening of Dec 10.
  • Jennifer McGuire will work with Mrs. Wervers to organize what we need (children’s toys, men’s items, tissue paper and gift bags.) Students will need to bring items to school in their own bags and on the bus.
  • Heather Campbell and Anita Conohan volunteered to organize the clean up crew. Jaime Fox will also join us that day.

District Advisory Council – Jeanette MacQueen School Food Project

  • During Covid, delivered food to families
  • Going to introduce a food literacy program
  • 3 models now being used for the food project in PEI
  • Registration is bi-weekly
  • 7 to 10 vendors are being used across the island for the food project.
  • 14000 students registered
  • Challenges – ordering platform, consistency of food between vendors, what people like on the menu. – New menu to begin in January – promotional items to begin in December – Children in need were not getting access to the site. If this is happening, let them know
  • Learning to navigate site for EAL families
  • Schools are noticing more cost for breakfast programs
  • Going through a large amount of food.
  • Second Wave Covid concerns regarding sharing policies and plans with parents was discussed.
  • Kindergarten Registrations: A concern that people are not getting a clear answer as to where they are to register their children
  • There was also concern that the bussing website needs to be more clear for parents.

Anita read and updated everyone on the Home and School Budget.

Outdoor Classroom to begin April 1st – Patricia McKenna

  • To be built of steel with a cement floor
  • Classroom being made to fit 30 children
  • Looking for donations or ideas for donations.
  • Jamie Fox – $25000 committed to the project to match $25000 in donations.
  • Andrew McCardle, Maintenance Engineer for the PSB, will decide where the classroom goes and will oversee the project.

Derik Arsenault will return as Principal of Somerset Consolidated on January 4th

An itinerant substitute is now available to the Kinkora family of schools.

What is the policy if someone in the school is tested positive for Covid.

  • Anita will take direction from the school board.

Would ball hockey sticks be good for students? – Anita will speak to Katie Champion, our Phys Ed teacher about this idea.

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October Occupational Therapy Tip

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Occupational Therapy Tip

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Kindergarten Registrations

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Here are the minutes to the September 29th Home and School Meeting

Anita Conohan called the meeting to order at 6:10pm. 

Mrs. Conohan informed Home and School that she is very pleased with the September start up for the 2020/21 school year, and how students are working well following the Covid-19 Protocol that are in place. Enrolment to date is 158 students with 22 students starting Kindergarten. Mrs. Conohan also updated Home and School on staffing for this school year. 

A question was asked about the Hot Lunch Program, and whether or not the menu will change. The menu is a two week menu that will stay in place and at this point will not change.

The Breakfast Program is up and running following CPHO Guidelines. Students receive buttered toast in their classroom at the start of each morning from Monday to Thursday. Alternative options are available for students who require gluten or lactose free products. On Fridays, students will have yogurt tubes or individually packed cereal delivered to their classrooms. The time to toast and butter the toast each morning takes time for 2 to 3 staff. 

The idea of having a parent volunteer help with the breakfast program was suggested and Mrs. Conohan welcomed the idea. 

One concern brought up about the Breakfast Program was the cost. There is a great concern that the school only has enough money for this program to last until Christmas. Ms. Conohan handed a letter to attendees to give to businesses within the community asking for donations to the Breakfast Program. It was also suggested that the school send this letter as an attachment to all parents, so that no one is missed who may be able to donate a gift card for the program. Mrs. Conohan has also applied for $1000 from the Breakfast for Learning Fund, but has not heard anything yet.

Parent /Teacher Interviews will happen as planned, but with CPHO Guidelines in place. More to follow on this in the next month.

The outdoor classroom is on hold, and the Home and School will be updated on the classroom at the November Meeting.

Mrs. Conohan gave Home and School Forms to Jennifer Duffy, who will fill them out for the parent council. The dues for the year will be given to the school and Mrs. Wervers will write the cheque from the school account. 

The Provincial Curriculum has been revised to support students during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Teachers have set up their own web pages that can be accessed through the school website. A question was asked about whether or not teachers are ready for a second wave of Covid-19 and will students be made more accountable for their learning if this does happen. Mrs. Conohan assured the Home and School that teachers have been working to set students up using an online component in their learning.  

Cleaning Protocol is going well and students are taking a responsible role in keeping their classrooms clean.

A decision about the Christmas Bizarre will be made in the near future.

There will be no fundraising for this school year.

Christmas Concert – a decision on what the concert will look like this year, will be made in the near future.

Concern about Minister of Education Brad Trivers capping kindergarten enrolment at 18, however there are 22 students in the school kindergarten. Ms. Conohan informed Home and School that the class is split into two separate groups in the morning and there are two teachers with these students in the afternoon.

The District Advisory Council will meet Wednesday, Sept 30 at 6:30pm. Our Breakfast Program funding will be brought up at that meeting. 

Spooktacular will take place and will follow CPHO Guidelines. The leadership students will again plan the Spooktacular. There will also be Orange and Black Day for Hallowe’en. 

Mrs. Champion will be speaking to the students about pumpkins. 

Discussion about the soccer nets took place and whether or not the soccer netting should stay up all year. Ms. Conohan said that since this the netting purchased by Home and School, it was a Home and School Decision. The decision was made to keep the netting on the nets all year. Home and School is waiting on the receipt from Mr. Nicholson to reimburse the money to him.

Discussion about the grade 4, 5, and 6 soccer nets took place as well about whether or not netting would go up on those nets.

HPV Vaccination will take place for the grade 6 and 7 students on October 7th. Jennifer Duffy will organize treats for those students on the day they receive their vaccines.

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Hot Lunch Program for Ordering Milk

The Hot Lunch Program for MILK orders is now active.  It is for parents wishing to order milk for the weeks starting September 28th until October 9th.  Deadline to order will be Monday, September 28th at 8 am.  If you have not previously registered in the Hot Lunch Program, the directions are under the Hot Lunch Program tab.

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Message from School Occupational Therapist

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Operational Plan Link


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