Kindergarten Orientation

This Friday, June 14th there will be no classes for the PRESENT KINDERGARTEN students. The Kindergarten children who will be starting at Somerset in the fall will be coming to the school for an orientation.

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Library Books

Reminder that all Somerset Library books are to be returned on Monday, June 10th.  If you see a Somerset Library book this weekend around the house that should be returned, please send it in with your child/children on Monday.

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School Lunch Program Information

Government is committed to initiating a school lunch program as this is one of its key platform commitments. Working in partnership with schools and the PEI Home and School Federation, we are committed to getting this work done right.

The School Food partnership had initially intended to begin pilots this year in three school hubs including Montague, Kinkora and East Wiltshire. More time is needed to put the funding, structure and systems in place, for example: · Policy direction is needed on the model · Funding approval must come through the annual budget process · A nonprofit entity must be established, staffed and funded · The necessary systems and infrastructure must be put in place to support the model. Depending on the timing of when this work can be done, there may be an opportunity to begin in some schools this year.

We will keep you posted in the fall with what our plan is for the lunch program at Somerset.
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Important Dates for the next month

May 28 – Track & Field Meet; May 29 – KRHS Breakfast at Somerset; May 31 – Whole school will go to Cavendish Grove for the day;June 3 – Last Hot Lunch Order due; June 5th – Red Cross presentation; June 5 & 6 – Elementary Math Assessments; June 7 – Spring Concert @ 1:30, Doors open at 1 pm; June 10 – Library Books due back; June 10 – Gr. 6 Fish Release at Scales Pond; June 13 – Lori Palmer’s Retirement Celebration at O’Shea’s from 3:30 – 5 pm; June 14 – Pre K students visit the school in the morning – no classes for present K students this day; June 17 – Cavendish Fry Truck; June 18 – Consolidated Credit Union BBQ; June 21 – Last day for Toast; June 24 – End of Year Field Trips- K-4 Shining Waters, Gr. 5&6 – Camp Triump and Gr. 7&8 Magic Mountain; June 25 – Closing ceremony @ 6:30; June 26 – Last day of Classes and June 28 – Last day for Staff.

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Head Lice

Below is a link for a document regarding Head Lice that will give parents some guidelines and tips for prevention, treatment and how to check for head lice.

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Water at Somerset

We are pleased to notify you that the Department of Health has lifted the boil water advisory at Somerset Consolidated School.  We have had several weeks of clear water test results and are confident that the issue has been resolved. We will continue to do weekly testing to monitor the well and distribution system closely.
Thank-you all for your patience and cooperation.
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A reminder about the Eye See Eye Learn program which provides a free eye exam and free pair of glasses for those who need it during their kindergarten year  (runs from July 1st before kindergarten year starts to June 30th of that school year).
All the information can be found here!
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Hot Lunch Orders

Well we made it through the new arrangement for the Hot Lunch Program. Thanks to all those who sent the cash into the school rather than the PayPal option. For those of you who haven’t sent the money in, please do so asap. I have adjusted everyone’s account that sent in the payment today. For future Hot Lunch Orders weeks – I would request that you make sure you send in a name with the money so we will know who it came from without having to investigate. Also if you could please sent the EXACT amount for the order so that we do not have to deliver change. These tips will make our jobs here much easier. Thanks again for all your patience and help.

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As a policy from the PSB, we are not permitted to administer any kind of medication to students unless there is a note from the family doctor to state that it is necessary.  That includes tylenol/advil which we do not carry in the office.

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Vision Eye Exams for Kindergarten

As the Kindergarten orientation fast approaches, it seemed like a perfect time to remind folks of compelling info about getting children’s vision assessed in Kindergarten. Only 30% of island families are making use of the FREE vision exam with an optometrist in Kindergarten, yet 1/4 children have a vision problem. Meanwhile, precious time is being used in resource trying to help some children read and write while visually impaired. Also, if it doesn’t happen then, some staff end up helping those without insurance find funding to get it done later. So let’s encourage parents to use the Eye See Eye Learn program to optimize kids’ learning.

Check out this little video.

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